Intuitive Readings



A powerful divination tool that reveals patterns, instructions, insights, lessons, and truths about you and your life. It speaks to the Soul's lessons in this incarnation and the ebb and flow of human experience. 

Oracle Reading

An intuitive divination tool that offers insight through the use of various energetic presences. Fairies, angels, numbers, the animal kingdom, crystals, the plant kingdom, planets and celestial bodies, all exists to teach, grow, and support us.


A form of divination that uses rods, pendulums, bobbers, and other tools to convey Divine messages and insights. Dowsing can reveal answers to your questions and clear unsupportive energy.

Obi Divination

An ancient West African divination system that through learning and love is being practiced in various forms throughout the African Diaspora. It powerfully illuminates situations and the energy surrounding them, offering deep insight into you and your life. Obi reveals, aligns, heals, and transforms. This service is provided by various practitioners. An appropriate recommendation and referral will be provided. Please contact me for more information. 

***Upon request, some readings can be provided by video or phone. Additional services are offered on the "Book Your Session" tab and by inquiry. Prices vary. Please contact me for more information .***

Energy Healing


Usui Reiki *Master Teacher*

Reiki is a gentle energy therapy that harnesses universal life force energy. Through the energy body and hands, reiki is channeled and shared with the recipient's body. Reiki is not hindered by time or distance and can be performed without touch using just the energy body. The results are  relaxation, restoration, and healing. Reiki is beneficial for your whole being. 

Crystal Reiki *Master Teacher*

Adds the healing and grounding power of crystals to your reiki therapy session. Crystals can expand intuition, increase understanding, accelerate healing, and foster a deeper sense of well-being.

Energy Body Clearing/Realignment

Your energy body, which includes the aura, chakras, even the emotions, is a critical aspect of your entire being. Energy can be balanced or imbalanced, and can be sensed and seen by others. Imbalanced or unaligned energy can cause dis-ease, anxiety, physical pain, and emotional cloudiness. Clearing stagnant and unsupportive energy while nurturing and energizing supportive energy can provide clarity, peace, pain relief, and a feeling of overall wellness. A healthy life requires healthy energy. 

***Upon request, some energy services can be provided remotely. Additional services are offered on the "Book Your Session" tab and by inquiry. Prices vary. Please contact me for more information.***

Coaching, Classes, and Workshops


Intro to Tarot

Intro to Crystals

Intro to Spirit Animals

Usui Reiki levels I, II, and Master

The Self, The Source, and The Soul (an Integrative Spirituality workshop) 

Purposed Power (a workshop on Authentic Spirituality and Manifestation) 

Masks and Mirrors ( a workshop which asks the question, What does my love look like? - self, lineage, communal) *based on the spiritual principles of Orisa Osun*

The Goddess Codes  (10 principles for acknowledging and harnessing Divine Feminine power)  

* Coaching sessions can be bundled to meet your needs.

* Speaking engagements, classes, and workshops have varied prices based on number of attendees, included tools and services, and length. Additional classes and workshops offered. Please contact me for more information


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