About Paris

Paris White-Tyrell, The NOLA Mystic ~ Energy Healer/Sacred Coach

Teacher. Healer. Intuitive. Guide.

I always recognized that there was more-than-meets-the-eye happening within, and around, me. I sensed and saw energy, spirits, emanations that my conscious mind couldn't adequately explain. As I continued to be open to those experiences and rest in the acceptance that I had "gifts", wisdom began to come. I chose to trust myself, and very early in my life set out on the path to become a student of ME. This is my life's work. 

I've been met with support and love, judgment and misunderstanding, curiosity and comfort. No matter what, I continue to know that I am perfectly imperfect. Perfect for Spirit's assignment in this incarnation and perfectly imperfect so I can continue to find my tribe, be challenged, stretched, empowered, and transformed. 

I am ever so grateful for this path which continues to embolden my light, enrich my life, and expand my legacy. Who I am, and am continuing to become, is eternal.

Many Tools, One Purpose

My work is influenced by various understandings and spans many sacred arts, including:

Crystal Medicine:

Use of crystals and stones to protect, ground, impart, expand, heal, and comfort.

Empathic Mediumship:

Empathic gifts allow you to keenly feel others' energy and emotions; pain, joy, sadness, stress, anxiety, etc. Mediumship acknowledges the ability to communicate with non-human energies; ancestors, spirits, guides. I am both. My gifts are clairvoyance (seeing), claircognizance (knowing), clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (sensing/feeling).

Intuitive Ancestral Guidance:

There is much to be learned from those that came before us. Many answers we seek are available through the Ancestral Realm. Your Ancestors are a source of insight, wisdom, revelation, protection, power, and love. They are concerned with the well-being of you and the lineage. Connecting with them often has a positive rippling effect. 

Energy Healing:

Healthy energy is the foundation for a healthy life. Intuitive fog or scattered energy can be a source of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual imbalance. Usui Reiki, crystal reiki, past life therapy, womb therapy, energetic clearing and realignment, cord removal, and home clearing/blessing are offered to support your whole being. 

S.o.S. Sacred Guidance:

The world's constant noise and energetic demands can often foster feelings of disconnection and an inability to hear or sustain intimacy with Spirit. Realign your Divine antenna to deepen your sacred connection with Self and the Creator. 

Classes and Workshops: 

I provide a myriad of classes and workshops for small and large groups, organizations, corporations, and other healers. 

***I network with a wonderful community of healers. My commitment to you is the best service that I can provide or a referral to a competent, trusted practitioner. It is my pleasure to serve you and that of the highest good. 


No content, services, or material presented on this site, or in person, constitutes any medical, legal, or other professional advice. All content, services, and materials offered are only designed to support or complement, not replace, any medical or professional advice, treatment or diagnosis. Please follow all medical and professional advice and recommendations for any and all diagnoses and conditions.